Contiki 2.6

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
abc_callbacksCallback structure for abc
ADDR_FIELD_SPEC_tStructure containing both source and destination addresses
ADDR_SIZE_SPEC_tA union of short and long address types
addr_tUnion of both short and long addresses
announcementRepresentation of an announcement
aux_hdr_t802.15.4 Aux security header
BoardIOStructData structure for board user I/O
BoardResourcesStructData structure describing board features
broadcast_callbacksCallback structure for broadcast
ButtonResourceStructData structure for button description
compower_activityAn activity record that contains power consumption information for a specific communication activity
ctk_menuRepresentation of an individual menu
ctk_menuitemRepresentation of an individual menu item
ctk_menusRepresentation of the menu bar
ctk_widgetThe generic CTK widget structure that contains all other widget structures
ctk_widget_buttonInstantiating macro for the ctk_icon widget
ctk_windowRepresentation of a CTK window
dma_configDMA configuration structure
dscThe DSC program description structure
elfloader_outputElfloader output object
etimerA timer
fcf_tDefines the bitfields of the frame control field (FCF)
frame802154_aux_hdr_t802.15.4 Aux security header
frame802154_fcf_tThe IEEE 802.15.4 frame has a number of constant/fixed fields that can be counted to make frame construction and max payload calculations easier
frame802154_scf_t802.15.4 security control bitfield
frame802154_tParameters used by the frame802154_create() function
frame_create_params_tParameters used by the frame_tx_create() function
frame_result_tStrucure used to return that status of the frame create process
hal_rx_frame_tThis struct defines the rx data container
ieee_15_4_managerThe interface structure for the 802.15.4 quasi-MAC
ipolite_callbacksA structure with callback functions for an ipolite connection
ipolite_connAn opaque structure with no user-visible elements that holds the state of an ipolite connection,
LedResourceStructData structure for led description
m25p16_rdidDevice Identifier
mac_driverThe structure of a MAC protocol driver in Contiki
MemsResourceStructData structure for MEMS description
mesh_callbacksMesh callbacks
neighbor_addrProperties of a single neighbor
neighbor_attrProperties that define a neighbor attribute
network_driverThe structure of a network driver in Contiki
packetqueueRepresentation of a packet queue
packetqueue_itemRepresentation of an item in a packet queue
PAN_ID_ADDR_SPEC_tStructure containing a PAN ID and an address
polite_callbacksA structure with callback functions for a polite connection
polite_connAn opaque structure with no user-visible elements that holds the state of a polite connection,
psockThe representation of a protosocket
radio_driverThe structure of a device driver for a radio in Contiki
rdc_driverThe structure of a RDC (radio duty cycling) driver in Contiki
ringbufStructure that holds the state of a ring buffer
rtimerRepresentation of a real-time task
S_usb_configuration_descriptorUsb Configuration Descriptor
S_usb_device_descriptorUsb Device Descriptor
S_usb_device_qualifier_descriptorUsb Device Qualifier Descriptor
S_usb_endpoint_descriptorUsb Endpoint Descriptor
S_usb_interface_descriptorUsb Interface Descriptor
S_usb_language_idUsb Language Descriptor
S_UsbRequestUsb Request
scf_t802.15.4 security control bitfield
sicslowpan_addr_contextThe header for fragments
sicslowpan_nh_compressorThe structure of a next header compressor
stbroadcast_connA stbroadcast connection
stimerA timer
t_mems_dataMems data type: three acceleration values each related to a specific direction Watch out: only lower data values (e.g
tcirc_bufCircular buffer structure
TempSensorResourceStructData structure for temperature sensor description
timerA timer
tmenu_itemThis structure defines the joystick operation within the menu_items[]
uip_80211_addr802.11 address
uip_802154_longaddr64 bit 802.15.4 address
uip_802154_shortaddr16 bit 802.15.4 address
uip_buf_tThe uIP packet buffer
uip_connRepresentation of a uIP TCP connection
uip_ds6_aaddrAnycast address
uip_ds6_defrtAn entry in the default router list
uip_ds6_elementGeneric type for a DS6, to use a common loop though all DS
uip_ds6_maddrA multicast address
uip_ds6_nbrAn entry in the nbr cache
uip_ds6_netifInterface structure (contains all the interface variables)
uip_ds6_prefixA prefix list entry
uip_ds6_routeAn entry in the routing table
uip_eth_addr802.3 address
uip_eth_hdrThe Ethernet header
uip_fw_netifRepresentation of a uIP network interface
uip_icmp6_errorICMPv6 Error message constant part
uip_ip4addr_tRepresentation of an IP address
uip_nd6_naA neighbor advertisement constant part
uip_nd6_nsA neighbor solicitation constant part
uip_nd6_opt_hdrND option header
uip_nd6_opt_mtuND option MTU
uip_nd6_opt_prefix_infoND option prefix information
uip_nd6_raA router advertisement constant part
uip_nd6_redirectA redirect message constant part
uip_nd6_rsA router solicitation constant part
uip_statsThe structure holding the TCP/IP statistics that are gathered if UIP_STATISTICS is set to 1
uip_udp_connRepresentation of a uIP UDP connection